Meet the Panel

Ranging from various disciplines and backgrounds, We’ve assembled this team of industry experts and renowned entrepreneurs to assist our candidates throughout the competition and provide timely evaluations and advice.

  • CEO / Director of Expansion

    Steve Acorn

    I would like to welcome all of you to the 2021 Scholars Edge Team. My name is Steve Acorn and I am the owner of YEAA/Student Painters. Congratulations on being accepted into our elite program. You are one of only 30 young entrepreneurs across Western Canada that have been accepted for this summer’s challenge. You have made the first step towards investing in your future. I know from previous experience you will have an incredible story to tell come September.

  • Top Real-Estate Agent | Business Development

    Milton Chan

    Born and raised in Vancouver, Milton was once a Scholars Edge Operator, District Manager, & General Manager. After working in the painting industry and mentoring students for five years, he decided to move on to one of his life long dreams of becoming a Licensed Realtor in Vancouver.

  • Founder at Renegade Alpha | Co-owner

    Ryan Addams

    Ryan Addams is a world traveler, an entrepreneur, and a renegade. After leaving home at the age of seventeen, he started a successful construction company to pay for his University tuition and his first apartment. He left school, started a product development company, failed, hit (one of many) rock bottoms and was forced to have to get a 9-5 job to make ends-meet.