Top Real-Estate Agent | Business Development

Milton Chan

Born and raised in Vancouver, Milton was once a Scholars Edge Operator, District Manager, & General Manager. After working in the painting industry and mentoring students for five years, he decided to move on to one of his life long dreams of becoming a Licensed Realtor in Vancouver.

To this day, Milton is now one of the youngest realtors in the city and has found success early on in his career, most recently recognized as one of the top agents in RE/MAX Crest for consecutive months in the ‘new to industry’ category.

A lot of the day to day activities that Milton conducts as a realtor is relatable to what he did back with his business as a Scholars Edge Operator. A lot of the skills such as leadership, marketing, sales, client relations etc. was developed throughout his time with Scholars Edge and how now given him an upper edge compared to his competition.

Outside of being a realtor, Milton also runs a high performance hockey company as well as coaches a minor hockey team in the city. If there is one thing he does best, it is maximizing his time efficiently through daily routines and being extremely self disciplined.