Founder at Renegade Alpha | Co-owner

Ryan Addams

Ryan Addams is a world traveler, an entrepreneur, and a renegade. After leaving home at the age of seventeen, he started a successful construction company to pay for his University tuition and his first apartment. He left school, started a product development company, failed, hit (one of many) rock bottoms and was forced to have to get a 9-5 job to make ends-meet.

He started work at an ad agency, and then a month later was laid off (along with close to 400 other employees). One week later he took his last $500 dollars and, turned it into his own multimillion-dollar Ad Agency. He now co-owns an influencer agency with his wife Katrina Xavier and is the founder of Renegade Alpha®.

Ryan has spent two decades building his own successful businesses. He’s personally worked with over a thousand business owners and entrepreneurs to help grow their companies and has been directly responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue.