CEO / Director of Expansion

Steve Acorn

I would like to welcome all of you to the 2021 Scholars Edge Team. My name is Steve Acorn and I am the owner of YEAA/Student Painters. Congratulations on being accepted into our elite program. You are one of only 30 young entrepreneurs across Western Canada that have been accepted for this summer’s challenge. You have made the first step towards investing in your future. I know from previous experience you will have an incredible story to tell come September.

I went to school in Ontario, Canada and moved to the United States in 1987. I began (just like you) as a Branch Manager in Sarnia, Ontario. I became an Executive my second year and worked with 10 other college students teaching them how to run a business. During my Senior year, 1987, I decided to try this concept in the state of Michigan. I had the belief that this is the best experience you could ever get as a summer job so I decided to join full time. I knew how this experience changed my life and wanted others to get the same benefits. This in now my 32nd summer training College Students how to run their own business. Working with motivated and driven students never gets old to me. To be able to work with young, aspiring minds and help change the course of their life is both an honor and a privilege.