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Hi, my name is Ryan Heron, the operator in charge of your territory for Scholars Edge during the 2024 season.

I am currently enrolled in a bachelors of commerce Business at the University of Alberta with hopes to utilize my strong entrepreneurial mindset to start my own business someday. I am a charismatic person who has always taken pleasure in sociable experiences and would love to make a connection with you through this industry.

Growing up, hockey has always been a prominent part of my life and has taught me invaluable life lessons that are crucial to defining me as the person I am today. Hockey has taught me to tackle my problems head on with a clear incentive and an open mind. Taking on a problem head on means seeing it through to the end, which is reflective of myself, as I will always commit to quality work that is completed with maximum transparency. My passion for hockey has also taught me indispensable leadership and communication skills that are essential for working in a group setting, and are skills that I continue to develop and implement in my life to this day. Running a business with Scholars Edge provides me with the opportunity to implement my skills to the best of my ability, while simultaneously being something I am extremely passionate about. I hope to hear from you, have a great rest of your day

If you or anyone you know is looking to get some painting or staining done this spring/summer, feel free to contact me for a FREE estimate!

Interested in hiring Ryan? Call us today at 1-888-538-3343

Interested in hiring Ryan?

Call us today at 1-888-538-3343