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Hey there, My name is Israel Reyes and the conclusion of the 2024 winter semester marks the end of the second year of my Bachelor of Arts degree at Grant MacEwan
University, where I intend to complete my psychology degree. This summer, I will endeavour to provide Leduc County and surrounding areas with top-quality painting services whilst developing the skills necessary to run one’s own business.

Essentially, Scholar’s Edge is a student-led painting company that provides university students guidance and resources on their journey of running their own business. This summer I want to hone my management skills, multitasking abilities, interpersonal relations, and understanding of business. It is a great pleasure of mine to be considered for your project, and I am grateful for the opportunity you give me to allow me to earn your trust in the process. I look forward to getting to know each other as we work closely on realizing your vision.

If you or anyone you know is looking to get some painting or staining done this spring/summer, feel free to contact me for a FREE estimate!

Interested in hiring Israel? Call us today at 1-888-538-3343

Interested in hiring Israel?

Call us today at 1-888-538-3343